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MPG is recognized for its’ in field BRAD AMBASSADORS who on a daily basis reach consumers on a one to one level presenting products and reinforcing brand attributes. We are confident this is among the best ways of creating impact with consumers and generating purchase intent, while establishing your brand feel and image in the market.

Our DIGITAL BRAND AMBASSADORS do the same within the DIGITAL WORLD utilizing SOCIAL MEDIA, BLOGS and other DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLS to touch and engage consumers. Be sure you are being represented in the DIGITAL WORLD by people who are trained, well versed, authentic, transparent and relevant to be able to attract attention and be a part of the demanding digital conversation that forms and influences every aspect of our daily lives.

  • Digital Promotions Management
  • Brand Voice
  • Local Content Development
  • Community Conversation Development
  • Word of Mouth Campaigns
  • Digital Ambassador Training and Development
  • Brand Advocacy
  • Influence Deployment