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Sampling and product trial can be among the best marketing tools that can guarantee immediate results and development of future consumer base. By putting your product in the hands of the consumer you are eliminating steps in the decision making process and driving future purchase intent. Statistics confirm that over 55% of people who receive a quality sample in a positive and unique manner will purchase the same product within 3 months of receiving the sample. This statistic alone can justify investing in sampling activities and incorporating in planned marketing strategies that make a difference.

MPG has extensive knowledge and experience in wide range of sampling activities and utilizing this expertise will only guarantee that your next product launch is a success. Do not be fooled in thinking that sampling is as simple as distributing product to potential consumers, considering the cost per sample a well thought and proven strategy is key in guaranteeing results and a strong return on investment.

  • Program design and development
  • Target market definitions and management
  • National, Regional and International campaigns
  • CO-OP, One to One, Inserts and Direct Mail
  • Route Scheduling
  • Partner distribution negotiations
  • Sampling management and controls